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Parkinson's disease is thought to be incurable...

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This website is operated by the Förderverein Parkinson-Heilung e.V. (Association for the Furthering of Healing Methods For Parkinson's Disease), a charitable organization registered in Germany. It provides information on the research and application of therapies for the alleviation and cure of Parkinson's disease.

Currently our focus is on supporting "Summit for Stem Cell" in San Diego, the world's leading research project for transplanting autologous dopamine neurons to patients with Parkinson's disease:
  • A new cell replacement therapy based on each patients own cells is being developed by a non-profit organization.
  • This Non-Profit-Organization needs financial support for their research and clinical trials so that patients can be treated with this method as soon as possible.
  • You can find detailed information on this project here.
We therefore kindly ask for donations for this project. We appreciate each contribution. It would be fantastic if you have the resources to donate a larger sum!


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  • Research and development of healing methods for Parkinson's disease has progressed considerably. Start with our overview.
  • Two examples for largely healed Parkinson's disease through cell transplantation: more...

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Current blog posts

Cell replacement therapy is successful in the case of human beings - thus the path is free for testing on humans

A research team at the University of Kyoto (Japan) has shown that dopamine neurons grown from the skin of humans grow into the brains of Parkinson's disease-affected non-human primates after a transplant and permanently alleviate or largely eliminate their Parkinson's symptoms. Read more ...

View into the glass ball - the (possible) future of Parkinson's therapies

The 32-year-old Canadian Parkinsonian patient Benjamin Stecher has published a very well-founded summary of the (possible) future in the area of ​​Parkinson's therapies in a blog post . Read more ...

Early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease comes into its own

The scientists Dr. Kathrin Doppler and Prof. Dr. Claudia Sommer from Würzburg and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Oertel from Marburg is a major breakthrough. They have developed a method by which alpha-synuclein can be detected in the skin, the Parkinson's symptoms become visible in the respective person concerned. This brings the dream of an early-recognizable "bio-marker" and thus an early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease within reach. Read more ...

Frequently asked questions from users of this website

What happens with the donations?

The  donations as well as the proceeds from events are used to support promising research projects for the development and testing of healing procedures for Parkinson's disease.
The focus is currently on the support of cell replacement therapies. The aim of this therapy is to replace the dead cells in the brain of Parkinson's patients with healthy cells as far as possible so that dopamine is produced again in the right places. In this way the disturbances caused by the dopamine deficiency can be alleviated according to current knowledge up to full recovery, depending on the stage of the disease and the other physical condition.
The cell replacement therapies form a pillar in the field of healing procedures and the development is already well advanced ( more ... )

What is Parkinson's and what forms are there?

Parkinson's disease is a so-called neurodegenerative disease characterized by a gradual loss of the brain's ability to produce the messenger dopamine. It is also called Idiopathic Parkinson's Syndrome (idiopathic = of unknown cause). Other forms of Parkinsonisms are, for example, the drug-induced Parkinson's syndrome, which can be caused by certain drugs (e.g. methamphetamine), or the psychogenic Parkinson's syndrome, which is triggered by a shock.
This website is mainly concerned with Parkinson's disease (idiopathic Parkinson's syndrome) as the most common form of Parkinsonism. For more information about Parkinson's disease, click here .

Who runs this website?

This website is operated by the Förderverein Parkinson-Heilung e.V., a german association with the goal to further research into healing therapies for Parkinson's disease (see also imprint ). The members of the association are made up of Parkinson's patients, their relatives and friends as well as other supporters.

Is Parkinson's disease really curable?

To date, only a few people have been cured of the motor disorders caused by Parkinson's disease (see, for example, here).
So, currently there is no broad-based, effective cure for Parkinson's disease.
Thanks to a number of ongoing research projects, however, there is reason to hope that this will change in the foreseeable future.
A very promising research direction is cell replacement therapies. They aim to remedy the deficiency of the messenger dopamine in the brain of Parkinsonian patients using newly cultured cells. If this is successful, the recipients of these replacement cells can again produce enough dopamine in their brains, thus alleviating or even remedying the severe symptoms of dopamine deficiency. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, serious motor disorders (including tremors, dysmotility, stiffness) as well as other physical and mental disorders. A second positive effect of cell replacement therapies is presumably that the Parkinson's drugs can be reduced or even completely discontinued. This would also mitigate their sometimes serious side effects.

The extent to which the cell replacement therapies currently being investigated are effective will only be known after the respective research projects have enter the clinical phase (ie, are being tested in humans). However, due to the following results already available, it is likely that they will have beneficial effects:
  • the transplantation of fetal cells into the brains of people with Parkinson's disease, as well
  • animal experiments transplanting newly grown human dopamine cells.
In particular, for otherwise physically still healthy Parkinson's patients, cell replacement therapies could mean the return to a largely normal life. 
It has to be noted, however, that the cause(s) for dopamine cell death in the brain, which led to the outbreak of Parkinson's disease, are individually different for each individual affected.
Therefore, it is likely that these original causes are not remedied by cell replacement therapies. Thus, cell replacement therapies, when used alone, have only a limited duration of action since the transplanted cells can also slowly die off after a certain time. However, according to current knowledge the duration of the activity can be very long (many years up to several decades).

Thus, a cell replacement therapy is "only" one of several pillars in the cure of Parkinson's disease. For those affected, however, it is very important, because this therapy can significantly improve the quality of life. Other pillars include:
  • the identification and clearing of the initial pathogenic factors;
  • the dissolution of the already formed alpha-synuclein deposits and the prevention of their new formation.

Why should I donate or contribute?

The Förderverein Parkinson-Heilung e.V. as the operator of this website has a clearly defined objective: Promote research and development of few, promising healing therapies for Parkinson's therapy, in order to contribute to a breakthrough as soon as possible. To this end, the association has developed relevant expertise and established personal contacts with leading research teams around the world.
This clearly distinguishes us from other Parkinson's organizations, whose focus, for example, is on the organization of local self-help groups, etc.
The Förderverein is very slim and thus has minimal overhead costs, which are largely paid for by the members of the association from their own pocket. Therefore, the funds generated by donations, revenues, etc. go directly to research.
We deliberately refrain from renting office space, arranging expensive events, paying salaries, etc., which is common in other Parkinson's organizations.
We want only one thing: to contribute to making Parkinson's disease as manageable as possible for as many sufferers as possible.

Are the statements made here credible?

Yes, because the information provided on this website is based on a thorough analysis of the current, published state of research. Important sources are cited so that interested readers can understand the information provided and the conclusions drawn from them.

Why is this website called ""?

This web address, which means "Parkinson healing" in English, was chosen since
  • here an overview is given of promising research projects for the development and testing of healing procedures for Parkinson's disease;
  • those interested can find ways to support this research and thus contribute to the realization of the dream of all affected persons that there will be effective healing procedures for Parkinson's disease as soon as possible;
  • it is important from a cognitive psychological point of view to clearly identify a goal (in this case, "Parkinson healing") in order to mobilize energy to achieve it (contrary, the constant mentioning that Parkinson's disease is thought to be incurable is debilitating);
  • this website is run by the Förderverein Parkinson-Healing e.V.

Can I participate here and if so, how?

Yes, cooperation and support is very welcome!
There are, among other things, the following possibilities for participation:
  • Donate an amount
  • Make this project more popular and to raise funds for it, e.g. for example in your club or your company
  • Editorial contributions related to the development of healing procedures on this or other websites.
  • Share this project and our fundraising campaign in your community and the public, e.g. via your Facebook contacts (-> our Facebook page ), Internet forums, blogs, e-mails, newsletters etc.
  • A donation to our association and its mentioning in the season's greeting cards as an alternative to gifts for your customers, club members, relatives, etc.
  • By starting your online shopping via Boost or Amazon Smile or Gooding and thereby making a donation to us with no additional cost for you (read more... )
  • More creative ideas from you ....!
Feel free to contact us (contact form).