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Experts expect Parkinson's Pandemic

According to a publication by the renowned Parkinson’s researchers Bas Bloem and Ray Dorsey, the number of Parkinson’s sufferers will dramatically increase in the next few years – with huge costs and burdens for society.

They are therefore urging robust countermeasures now. According to their calculations, Parkinson’s is already now the fastest growing neurodegenerative disease: the number of sufferers worldwide doubled from 3 million to 6 million between 1990 and 2015. This acceleration is set to continue: The researchers expect 10 million sufferers by 2030 and 14 million by 2040. Their analyses and predictions are based on data from the annual global burden of disease study.
As a consequence they are promoting a more intensive and more individual treatment of sufferers and at the same time a significant increase of research funding. They are using HIV illnesses –the worldwide spread of which could be stopped by intensive research and drug development as an example that this approach promises success. HIV-sufferers today can lead a largely normal life.
The team agrees with this point of view: More funds for research into treatment processes for Parkinson’s disease are urgently needed and could make important therapies possible within a foreseeable time like e.g. cell replacement therapies.


Source: The Parkinson Pandemic, JAMA