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On February 27th 2019, ABC10-News broadcasted a portrait of the project Summit4StemCell. Jennifer Raub, who is the president of the charitable SummitForStemCell Foundation, talks about her Parkinson's disease and the clinical trial of the unique cell replacement therapy, which is close at hand.

This therapy has been developed in San Diego, CA, by Prof. Jeanne Loring, PhD and her team. During a small skin biopsy, skin cells are taken from each of the pilot patients and then grown into dopamine neurons, the brain cell type which has largely died in the course of Parkinson's disease. The newly grown replacement cells are implanted into the affected brain region. In the course of the next months, the grafted cells mature and connect with the surrounding brain cells. It is expected that after approx. six months, first motor improvement become visible. In the following time the typical motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease are likely to further decrease and may even disappear completely. Parallel to this development,


ABC10-News broadcast

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