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The Summit4StemCell research project in San Diego, California, is globally the most advanced project pursuing the development of autologous stem cell therapy for the alleviation or cure of Parkinson's disease (more on the project here ). The project requires (a lot of) money. It is funded by donations from affected persons.

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Account holder: Förderverein Parkinson-Heilung e.V.
Account number. 31655005
Name of bank: VR Bank Enz plus
IBAN: DE36 6669 2300 0031 6550 05

For donations of 50 € and more, we issue a tax-deductible donation receipt (please specify name and address).
Amounts below this limit can be declared in the tax declaration with an account statement of the transfer used as a proof.

The Förderverein Parkinson-Heilung e.V. (see imprint ) is recognized as a non-profit organization and passes 100% of the donations to the research projects we currently support. The members of the association are volunteers and donate personally to this project.