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Gene Therapy

Researchers in France and the UK have used gene therapy to modify cells in the midbrain (more specifically in the striatum) of Parkinson's patients in order to resume the production of dopamine. For this purpose, so-called lenti viruses were injected into the striatum on both sides, which then (genetically reprogrammed) genetically reprogram the cells infected by them.
Six months after the injection, which was carried out in a study in 15 patients, the researchers were able to detect a significant improvement in the motor skills of the subjects in a control study, an average of 39 points on the UPDRS scale (motor division) Injection on average 28 points after injection. These remained stable in a further study after a total of twelve months.
However, the study was carried out "open label", ie the subjects knew what they were treated with. Furthermore, no control of the results by a placebo dose to a part of the subjects took place, so that a placebo effect can not be excluded.

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